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Join thousands of women over 50 who feel strong, flexible & energized starting with just 10 minutes a day.


Tami s.

Almost immediately, I felt more flexibility and mobility for daily activities.

I’m able to bend down and pick something off the floor with greater ease.”


“I have had pain in my right shoulder.

I just finished my first week and it’s already improving! Thank you!”

Anne G.

"They make it fun to improve strength and stamina.

Best body people I have ever worked with. So positive with people. ”

Christa Humphrey

This has changed my life.

The attention to detail and compassion has helped me create a workout routine that I hadn’t had for years.”



I’m running and cycling again. My posture and balance have improved!”

"I love to run and cycle but after being sidelined with a few nagging injuries, I knew I needed to incorporate some type of stretching.

I felt like a fish out of water trying yoga but Janine’s classes have plenty of positive instruction and a good sense of humor. Since starting I've increased overall flexibility and range of motion. I'm more aware of my posture and my balance has improved immensely. Highly recommend!"



"I'm walking, lifting and digging...these classes make all that possible."

"I love this program because the instructors are so genuine and knowledgeable. As a yoga newbie this was huge for me. They encourage everyone to work at their own level, explain why you are doing specific movements and what benefits you will gain.

I'm more flexible, improved my core strength and reduced my back pain which has helped me continue to do all the things I really love. And on top of that it's fun!"



"I kept injuring my back no matter what program I tried until I met Janine..."

"Pain was the main motivator in getting me to work with Janine. I had tried other programs, and I always re-injured my back. But Janine really changed how I approach working out.

The program is as challenging as you make it! I always finish a session feeling better and more energized than when I started. You will notice good changes in your body quicker than you think. You have everything to gain!"



"I wish I'd done this years ago! I can't imagine where I'd be now."

"I always exercised, but felt it was time for something that focused on stretching and balance. I have some limitations and wasn't quite sure what I would be able to do.

But, the way Janine provides options for different levels and carefully moves into poses to protect our joints I've surprised myself.

Now, I wonder how much more I can do! My performance (strength, stamina) ] has improved and so has my posture. It feels so good!"



"No more lower back and neck pain!"

"Janine was recommended to me by a friend. It took me over a year to decide to give yoga another chance. This is not your typical yoga or fitness program!

She takes time to make sure your poses are done correctly so your body can benefit from one movement to the next. Thank more lower back and neck pain!"

Join Thousands of Women Over 50 That Feel Strong, Flexible & Energized Starting With Just 10-minutes A Day.

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